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Love in Building Nature-Filled Homes

Homes that evoke a universe of emotions stood on the foundation of Trust and Pride.

We Are

Nirmanandhra Constructions is incepted with a simple purpose. We carry the touch and feel of nature in whatever the scale of construction we attempt. According to us, living in a home is accomplished, if a family has constant access to nature in their way of living. According to us, happiness is delivered for a lifetime, if different generations are being caressed by shine, air, earth, food, and energy which are in abundance from mother nature, which is our natural vitamins and source of nourishing. An abode that is receptive to such is a host of positive emotions. 

Started our journey in the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh, Agricultural Captial - Tadepalligudem, Nirmanandhra Constructions is gradually setting a positive impact note in many cities and towns of Andhra Pradesh - Kakinada, Rajamundry, Vijaywada and very soon in Visakhapatnam.

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Our Crafts - Nature Meets Living


Limited home communities that are responsible and is an epitome of aspirational affordable living

Individual Houses

Handcrafted Designed and build Homes that reflect your identity inch by inch.

Farm Houses

Retreat Homes that are designed and built for your family in the lap of nature.

Farm House Communities

Responsible Neighbours, Sustainable Living collectively as a Community.

Balancing the bliss of Nature and the positive elements of life

Nature and elements of it even in an atom size can tantalize, amaze or inspire us.  And when the homes are our temples of life, growth, and happiness, our five senses are meant to be magnetized and pampered, right from the moment you see your home from a distance.  Homes of Nirmanandhra are crafted with detail to ensure these charming elements are at the right place.

Beginnings at TadePalligudem!

Tadepalligudem - the town which has given life, an inspiring upbringing, and access to Indian valued education and mentors to us, is our stepping stone for Nirmanandhra services and projects.

Our success in the form of delivering projects and garnering positive customer strength has buoyed our efforts to impact many more cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh with our nature sensed communities and projects.

Rajamundry- Kakinada- Vijayawada- Guntur - Kurnool - Visakhapatnam - the journey of Nirmanandhra has begun.

Apartment Communities

Crafted by us

Gunnam Elegant Mansion (GEM)

D.No 4-28-4, 7th ward, Gunnam Function Hall Road,  Subbarao peta, Tadepalligudem.

Stilt + 4 Floors | Roof Top Terrace | 8 Units |2 Blocks 

VIP compressed.jpg
Vasavi Iconic Park

Road No -12, karri satyavathi Nagar, TadepalliGudem

Stilt + 5 Floors | Roof Top Terrace |  15 Units

Nirman of a beautiful thing called Homes

Our Allied Services

Land Identification
Project Management
Design & Construction



Every human yearns for a life in nature and wants to eat good food, breath some fresh air.

Living off-grid life amidst farms is approved, acknowledged by many, but implemented by few. Because beyond the aspiring living terms, lies challenges and a total involvement with a paradigm shift from the regular living.

Stay tuned for details!

It has to be a well-aware and conscious shift to off-grid living, leaving our comforts of urban lifestyle, education needs, etc. Hence, it is a dream for many. Realized it by a few!


Words from the Heart

Trust - this word comes to my mind whenever I think of Nirmanandhra team 


                             - Shiva Sharma

We have bought one flat for my parents in Gem. The project is professionally built and well maintained.  I recommend them


                       - Raghavendra Raju

They always stand by their motto - Home Antene Sweetu. All the best Nirmanandhra

                        - Priya Ranjan 

The way Nirmanandhra brings nature elements into their projects is impressive. Very rare you find such works in Andhra

                      - Thammi Raju

You assign a house to be built to them. They assure the rest of it in the given time within the budget. Dependable   

                       - Ram Kiran

The team is professional and down to earth. Management is sincere and approachable                                                              - Shivani

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