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Nirman Andhra

Nirmanandhra Constructions is incepted with a simple purpose. We carry the touch and feel of nature in whatever the scale of construction we attempt. According to us, living in a home is accomplished, if a family has constant access to nature in their way of living.


According to us, happiness is delivered for a lifetime, if different generations are being caressed by shine, air, earth, food, and energy which are in abundance from mother nature, which is our natural vitamins and source of nourishing. An abode that is receptive to such is a host of positive emotions. 

Leading from the Front

Vinay Ram, Managing Director

Vinay Ram is a seasoned Real Estate Management Professional. With over 15 years of experience, he is about to set an impact in the field of construction, his destiny introduced him to the world of natural farming.

He restarted his career while understanding the fundamentals of farming. He, with the support of team members has cultivated 10s of acres.

There struck a different realization that combines living and farming as a new way of living, under the tree of Planet Green.

Why Us

Trust in the Process...

Transparency, Ensuring Quality, and on-time delivery are the values by default for Nirmanandhra. These values stand apart and will be our light house

Diversified yet Integrated

Nirmanandhra team is a diverse mix of professionals from Architecture, Real Estate, Engineering, Farming, Sustainability, and Design. All of them have contributed to the success of many projects and delivered customer happiness and success.

The team is a perfect amalgamation of experience to deliver Nirmanandhra projects with you in mind. Your Happiness. Your Family and their life at our projects. 

Why Us

Trust in the Process...

Apt Standards

Nirmanandhra believes in providing a value that is for a lifetime. Implementing technologies and processes that are apt to maintain and sustainable is always a top priority.

Sustainability as the Core Mantra

Ensuring Sustainability and balance of Nature in whatever the projects we handle will be a focal point of our work.